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Business English

A few words about Business English

by BEC-teacher, Michelle Larsen

Business English is exciting, dynamic, and very much a part of your future. Here we prepare to work with the "big" outside world which is becoming smaller and smaller. In business especially, there are few boundaries left, we deal with the whole world, either they come to us or we go to them.

Your neighbours and business partners in BEC will be Japan, China and India. To interact and have a good business relationship with these neighbours you need to get to know them, so we experiment with their culture, language, food, traditions, and business principles. We learn basic Japanese business principles; we prepare a Japanese meal, attended a Japanese tea ceremony and much more.

Then it is back to the classroom to learn about designing our website, giving a business presentation, developing and manufacturing a product, and about markets and competition.Later we take this knowledge with us and try to sell our product in India. This again is about experiencing as many aspects of Indian life and business culture as possible.

So come join us! Join the world and take an adventurous leap into what is surely your future !!!

PS. Just for your knowledge: The students at Skovlund Efterskole are the youngest students ever in Denmark to take this course and to sit this exam. So far they have all passed with excellent grades.