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Denmark’s leading school in Cambridge English

Skovlund Efterskole is a relatively new school. It began as a local initiative in 1996. Since then it has grown from strength to strength, both in student numbers and in construction. Today Skovlund Efterskole is a modern, well-maintained school with student dormitories of an excellent standard.

In 2002, the school began to specialize in languages and especially in Cambridge English. This profile has since been carefully developed over the years, resulting in Skovlund becoming Denmark’s leading school in the teaching of Cambridge English.

Whether you want to continue your studies abroad or apply for a job internationally, a Cambridge certificate is the key to open many far-flung doors.

We have a very well-defined international profile. A profile clearly visible with our international 10th class, where all lessons are conducted in English, and the students work only in English, both in their written assignments and in their oral presentations. We call this class International Class Skovlund, or ICS.

A typical day

A typical day at Skovlund Efterskole is a healthy combination of teaching, nutritious food and extracurricular activities. The day starts with a brisk morning walk followed by breakfast, and ends with a cozy nighttime chat with your roomie. The rest of the day is divided up into various lessons of an academic and practical nature, refreshment breaks and free time.

School trips abroad

Every year we pack our bags and go on a memorable adventure to an exotic destination. To a country and culture, we have studied in-depth before our departure.  Two weeks of incredible experiences with good friends and the opportunity to meet new friends and study their way of life. Fourteen unforgettable days and nights, that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

South Africa and Argentina are the two countries which we visit every second year. Check out our homepage to see where our next trip goes to.

ICS has two other trips during the year as well as South Africa or Argentina. For the last two years they have visited Strasbourg, Cambridge  University, Holland and Greece. And each year a trip to a new country.

Year groups and the curriculum

At Skovlund Efterskole, we can offer 8th, 9th and 10th class. We teach the whole curriculum laid down by the government and our teaching is of the highest standard in all subjects.

Aside from the usual subjects, we offer Cambridge English as an optional subject. There are five different levels to choose between, which means that there is place for everyone regardless of their ability. It is also possible to choose Business English alongside Cambridge English.

As well as English, we offer Spanish, German, French and Chinese as optional subjects. There is also a wide variety of other subjects to choose from e.g. science, football, music, aerobic, choir, sewing, volleyball and badminton. You can choose several subjects at once and have the opportunity to change subjects during the course of the year.

Values and objectives

A willingness to work with others, to talk with others, to inspire others and to accept each other’s differences are essential, if you want to be a part of Skovlund Efterskole. Our school must be a place where all students have the freedom to develop themselves socially and academically.

We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and secure environment based on a foundation of trust. We consider our students as competent individuals and treat them accordingly.

We expect our students to treat others with respect and acceptance and to be prepared to learn to embrace the
differences between one another. This is one of Skovlund Efterskole’s greatest strengths.

Therefore, Skovlund is committed to helping the individual realize their full potential. To achieve this, we place the students in the class appropriate to their ability in both mathematics and Cambridge English.


If you are curious about the world around you and want to meet other nationalities and cultures.

Or if you would like to speak other languages as well as mastering Danish.

Or if you dream about conversing in English, German, Spanish, French or Chinese whilst travelling across the continents or
chatting in the local supermarket.

Or if you see yourself as a world citizen unimpaired by national borders and with a desire to explore the exotic.

Or if you want to have a global outlook on a world becoming more and more international, so you can apply for a job anywhere you want.

Or most importantly, if you would like to meet the world together with other young people, who are just as eager as you are.Then Skovlund Efterskole is, without a doubt, the place for you.

If you like to book a visit or hear more about the school then give me a call.


Hanne Gonzalez


Skovlund Efterskole


Phone: +45 75 29 25 77

Cambridge English

Accepted for work,
immigration & study globally

Skovlund Efterskole

A year filled with language, culture and travel